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Skyway Builder CE Release & Announcement

Welcome to the home of Skyway Visual Perspectives, a set of Eclipse-based modeling tools for rapidly producing highly-scalable JEE web applications and services using the Spring Framework. Using a model-centric approach to development, testing and deployment, Skyway Visual Perspectives increases developer productivity and application quality Sap SuccessFactors Training

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The Release Includes:

Skyway Software announces the release of version 6.0.2 of Skyway Builder Community Edition (CE), our open-source, model-centric tool for developing, testing, and deploying Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) and Web Services. Version 6.0.2 of Skyway Builder CE is available for immediate download.

  • Over 130 bug fixes and enhancements
  • Support for Mac OS X
  • Web layer enhancements, including improved pagination functionality
  • Expanded binary content controls for more robust RIAs

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Itโ€™s easy to get started.

Download Skyway Builder

Skyway Builder also makes it easy to deploy projects to multiple environments, including development, staging, and production. With Skyway Builder, developers can quickly and easily create, manage, and delopy web projects.

Start developing your RIAs and extensions

Start by researching the different types of RIAs and extensions available. Determine what type of application you want to create and what platform you want to develop on.

Skyway Builder EE

The commercial version of Skyway Builder, Skyway Builder Enterprise Edition (EE), includes all of the features of Skyway Builder Community Edition (CE)

Join the Skyway Community

To join the Skyway Community, simply visit the official website and create an account. Once your account is set up, you can join discussion groups, follow Skyway updates, and access helpful resources.

Upload your submissions

Submissions can be uploaded to an online platform such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or other similar services. Once the submission is uploaded, the user should provide a link to the file or folder to the recipient.

Skyway Builder CE

Skyway Builder is a model-centric solution for developing and deploying JEE Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) and Web Services. The open source version of Skyway Builder, Skyway Builder Community Edition (CE)

Spring MVC Scaffolding Capabilities:

Spring MVC scaffolding capabilities enable developers to quickly build web applications using pre-defined templates and model objects


Skyway utilizes two licenses for its open source offerings. The code that constitutes our set of Eclipse plug ins and RCP version of the stand alone application are all licensed to the community under the GPLv3 license.

Release Plan

We anticipate that Skyway Builder Community Edition will have a major release once a year, with minor releases each quarter and bug fix releases on an as needed basis.


Skyway Software announces the general availability (GA) of Skyway Builder Community Edition (CE) 6.3, an open source, code generator for the Spring Framework.


About Skyway Builder CE

With Skyway Builder CE, Java developers get an open-source Eclipse plugin that is centred on models and requires almost no hand coding to make RIAs and Web Services. This is the first plugin of its kind.

Sam Martin

Skyway Builder is an essential tool for any serious web designer. The intuitive drag and drop interface makes it easy to create beautiful, user-friendly websites with minimal effort.

Alex Hales

I've been using Skyway Builder for a few months now and I'm a real fan. The interface is simple but powerful and the range of features is impressive. It's great for creating professional-looking websites quickly and easily.

Jos Buttler

Skyway Builder is an excellent website builder. It's easy to use, powerful, and has a great range of features. I've been able to create some truly stunning websites with minimal effort.

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